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"If the government will not even tell us the truth about jobs and inflation, how can we believe the government when it tells us, without suppling any evidence, that Russian tank columns have entered Ukraine? Americans need to come to terms with the fact that they live in The Matrix, a world composed of fake information designed to control thought and behavior." -- Paul Craig Roberts
China is fed up with the regional and global instability created by Washington. Beijing and Moscow are now closer than ever before.

... and finally ...

The growing economic and military cooperation between Moscow and Beijing over the last three years wasn't for nothing. The joint military exercises; the oil deals settled in yuan; BRICS; The Shanghai Cooperation Organization; The massive Chinese-led infrastructure projects that will span Eurasia.

No, China is not playing both sides anymore.

China understands what Washington wants — that's why it stands firmly with Russia.
See full article at Russia Insider

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