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Americans are brought up to believe all sorts of myths about the country we call home. We’re told our economy is a free market meritocracy governed by the rule of law. We’re told our civil liberties, enshrined in the Bill of Rights, are inviolable and protected by the most powerful military in the world. A fighting force entrusted with the admirable and monumental task of defending freedoms at home, and democracy and human rights abroad. We’re told we exist in a system of self-government, in which our votes matter and our voices heard. In practice, none of this is true. -- Michael Krieger

Source RT via SOT Newsletter from 20161025

Hungary's prime minister has blasted the Obama administration's foreign policy, saying it is based on arrogance and disregards reality. Viktor Orban said exporting democracy US-style produces instability, migration and extremism. Orban, an outspoken critic of EU's handling of the refugee crisis, voiced concern that a potential Hillary Clinton presidency would keep the current Democrat foreign policy that caused the problem in the first place.

"America supports the global migration processes. Instead of working on helping everyone to stay in their own home country, they perceive global population movements as something positive, or at least natural. Therefore, they do not want to stop but manage this migration process. The Democrats and Hillary Clinton are the managers," he told German newspaper Passauer Neue Presse in the wake of his visit to Bavaria.

He added that the policy of toppling undemocratic governments in the Middle East, which was pursued under both Republican President George W. Bush and Democrat Barack Obama, simply does not work. "America believes in the exportation of democracy. This sounds good; however, wherever it has been tried, entire regions often became destabilized, the consequences of which are suffering, death and migration. Additionally, often anti-democratic, extremist forces rose to power as a result of the free elections.

"Believing in the democracy export is arrogant because it fails to take the cultural structures of the given regions into consideration. But whether you like it or not, it is the culture that determines the political culture. Donald Trump openly states this, while Hillary Clinton defends the policy pursued to date," Orban said.

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